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Morning & Booze is wrong? Then I don’t wanna be right.

Cold, snowy sunday morning’s are awesome aren’t they? Laying around in your heavily pillowed bed with your flannels on, the Food Network channel playing on the television as it watches you drift in and out of your lazy slumber. Your cuddly loyal puppy softly snoring at the end of the bed by your feet. AAhhh yeah… nothin’ like it… right?

Yep……UNTIL you have to haul that lazy ass OUT of your cosy bed to let the damn dog out so he can get his morning constitutional going on. The house is cold, the floor is cold, old man winter laughs and points his grossly knuckled finger at you as you stand there at the patio door, going from toasty to frosty in mere seconds. You catch your reflection in the glass. Your miserable scowl along with the rat’s nest taking up space at the back of your hair pretty much indicates how your day is going to go hereon in.

Fear not as I have the most righteous solution, hands down,  to get your sunday back on track. Do me a favor, get your coffee brewing and let’s get drunk….. just kidding…. well, kinda kidding.

Hey, don’t judge.

Boozy Morning Coffee Elixir

(aka Bailey’s Irish Cream knockoff).

l cup cream


l can sweetened condensed milk


2 tbs chocolate syrup


l tsp vanilla


I used a vanilla bean paste cuz I’m fancy like that, but regular vanilla extract will work just as well.

l tsp instant coffee granules


l & 2/3 c Irish Whiskey


I used l 3/4 cup of CANADIAN Whiskey. Why?

You know why.
(yaaay Canada!)

Mix all the ingredients together and “whaz” it up (Jamie Oliver’s lingo) in your blender. Easy Peazy right?


Ok, so here’s the thing.  Taste as you go people. If it’s not coffee-ish or chocolately enough, jack that bubba up with another tablespoon of syrup, or another tsp or two of coffee granules.  Make it your own sistah!!… or…………………. guy.

If I was going to make this again (ohhhh and you can bet your slobbery slurs, I will), I’d definitely put extra coffee and chocolate syrup in it. Maybe even a bit more vanilla and if I was feeling particularly saucy, I’d sprinkle some cinnamon in it. But that’s just me and my brilliant mind. I know you can be brilliant too – taste taste taste – till it’s purrrrfect for you.

For a NON-driving, anytime treat, just pour some over ice. Like this:


So here ya go. If you have the ingredients, you can whip this up in the time the dog does his #2 and the coffee is ready.  Pour a splash into your coffee, shuffle back to bed and cuddle up with the cup under the covers.

Sip it. Love it. Whisper sweet nothing’s to it.

And when you want to tell the world about this delightfullness and it’s miracle of making your Sunday perfect again, remember, brush your teeth. Boozy breath is one thing, but MORNING boozy breath is just wrong.