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Auntie Christine’s Household Hints! #2 – Vinegar!

Alrighty friends and neighbors! Short and sweet today – we have another handy household hint from Auntie Christine’s Heinz’s vinegar books!  Aunt Chris bought me a series of these handy household hint books written by Christine Halvorson. They’re filled with great, practical ideas to use everyday pantry items (vinegar, salt, baking soda) in great ways around the house!


Remember, this is your regular, run of the mill white vinegar that you buy at the grocery store!

Today’s hint is if you have an ink stain on a carpet, rug or piece of clothing, you should blot the ink spot immediately (of course).  THEN, spray the area with HAIR SPRAY! Yes.. that’s right, bust out your can of “Beautynet” or whatever kind you use, and go to town. The hair spray should dissolve the ink spot and once it’s completely gone, work a solution of half white vinegar and half water to completely remove any residual spray!

Aunt Christine’s Household Hints! – VINEGAR!

If anyone knows me personally, (and I know those who don’t, I do believe you’re missing out..), they would most likely know who my Aunt Christine is as well. I grew up in the country, a half mile away from her, and spent hours upon hours at her house  playing with my cousins when we were kids. Now, as an adult I still adore her (possibly more than when I was a child), and as anyone who knows her can attest, she’s one of the most generous people I know.

Now keep in mind, generous comes in many different ways with her.  For instance, every time I go south to the States she comes over and gives me some “funny money” (US Dollars) that she had just “hanging around”. When she comes across a great deal somewhere, instead of buying one, she’ll buy a few and end up giving me one of whatever it is. For my last birthday, she bought me a purple wig. Yep… I don’t know why either, but she’s great that way! I mean come on, who gets a purple wig AND a helium “Happy Birthday” balloon that sings the birthday song to you whenever you punch it???? I loved it!!

Ok, so moving on. At some point a year or so ago, she came over and gave me a super cool series of small books that she bought God knows where. They are basically 3 separate books on different uses for household vinegar, baking soda, and salt. Alright, obviously these hints aren’t exactly MY AUNTIE’S HINTS as the title of this blog post suggests, because the vinegar book is actually written by Christine Halvorson (NOT my Aunt Christine) but I kinda like the idea that she gave me the books, so it seems like they came from her…. like my logic?

Here’s the vinegar book:


The books have a bit of a retro/vintage type of look to them, and are full of super cool little “hacks” or hints, to make life easier, and cost effective.The book suggests using Heinz’s brand name vinegar, however, I’m SURE any brand name of vinegar would work if not your not feeling fancy. Just be sure it’s the 5% acidity kind.

So, I thought when times are a bit slow around here (aka, I have nothing new to post), you, my dear readers, will get a handy dandy hint or two on how to use one of these household staples in ways that you may not have ever dreamed of! Well perhaps you may have heard of a few of these, but you can always pass the info (as well as this blog post..ahem) onto someone who might not be in the know. That way, you could be the hero for the day and be a smartypants ALL AT ONCE!

Win win!

So, we shall commence the schooling with the household vinegar tips. For the most part, these tips are referencing your run of the mill, white, grocery store bought, 5% acidity vinegar. A few tips will use apple cider, but that will of course, be prefaced.

Ok. Here’s two handy hints to get us started:

For cleaning your microwave:  If you microwave is dirty and greasy with old food particles and other grossness, microwave a glass container with one cup of water, and a 1/4 cup of vinegar for about 3 to 4 minutes. After the microwave is finished, leave it there for about 10 minutes without the opening the door. Then, open the door and simply wipe clean!

Laundry: If you add 2 cups of vinegar to the rinse cycle while washing cotton or wool blankets, it will remove any soapy residue and leave the blankets smelling clean (not of vinegar), soft and fluffy!

If you have any uses for vinegar, let me know and I’ll post them here!

If you’re interested in buying these books, here’s a place you can:

Too Much Turf In The Surf

Hey folks, Kidfresh here again. This time, I’m not back from a culinary suicide mission like last time.  This time, I went to eat at a real restaurant called Stone Park Cafe.


It’s located in one of the more economically privileged areas in Brooklyn. As it is with these trendy little spots, it sometimes looks like they made moderate renovations to someones living room. And depending on what part of the city it’s located, it could look like the living room of a boxcar hobo.

This place was a bit more sedate and a bit more mundane to be frank.


But it was not a problem for my friend Simone and I to have brunch.

Now, as a person who has a sweet tooth, and has always loved sweet drinks, I never thought I would think to myself  ‘my beverage needs more hot sauce’. But in fact, that was the case with my Bloody Mary.

bloody mary

Full disclosure, this is not my actual drink in the photo above. I forgot to take a snap shot of it, so I utilized the handy-dandy services of Google Image. It looks pretty damn close to what I had though, I must say. And perhaps the reason I forgot to take the picture was because I couldn’t believe that I was putting hot sauce in my drink. This was only the second Bloody Mary I’d had in my life. The first and more tasty experience of this drink actually came on an Amtrak train heading from Seattle to Vancouver last year (shout out to my cute Canadian foodie hostess). That one was savory and delicious. I found that the flavor of this one was a bit washed out by the large amount of vodka.

Although, you should never complain about TOO MUCH booze in your drink.

My Bloody Mary was the adventurous portion of my meal….. at least for me, anyway. Explanation forthcoming. I went standard and ordered scrambled eggs, home fries, a home-made english muffin, and andouille sausage.

Kidfresh's meal

The sausage was bangin’ (that was for my British brothers and sisters) Very spicy, particularly for a non-ethnic restaurant.  They tend to keep things bland…. like my eggs,  home fries and english muffin. They even served me salt free butter! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!

But I digress. Simone and I shared this delicious sour dough french toast.


The light sourdough flavor combined with the Black Bear maple syrup and/or berry compote was the most satisfying dish we’d had that day. The center of each slice was just a tad soggy, but miniscule in comparison to the satisfaction of the flavor.

Sigh…………………… and now we come to Simone’s meal.

This, my friends, is what they call a Hangtown Fry, which consists of a tempura fried, oyster fritatta, bacon, and Cabbot cheddar.  MMMMMM  sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Now, I have never been a huge fan of seafood. I don’t hate it, but for the life of me, I just don’t get why panties get soaked and guys blow their load in their Fruit Of The Looms when lobster, crab or oysters are on the table. And maybe the following sentences help explain why I think this way.

Simone's Meal

On the second oyster in Simone’s oyster frittata, she bit down on some oyster shell. It took her a minute to separate the piece of shell from the rest of the half chewed oyster in her mouth, but she persevered. As a seafood lover, she dealt with it, and carried on. On her third or fourth oyster,  she said she had sand in her mouth. Again, as a person who does not order much seafood, I don’t know how “normal” an incident like this is. I imagine that any establishment would not like something like this to happen, regardless of it’s perceived normalcy.

This, however, is still better than my last experience with a friend and an oyster order. Many years ago I had lunch with another seafood loving friend of mine. She too ordered oysters, but hers were on the half shell. Shortly after we began eating, I heard her wincing and breathing heavy. I looked up and saw that she was in clearly in distress.  I asked her what was wrong and all she could do was point. When I looked at her plate, a tiny baby crab was walking out of its comfy home in half shell and onto her plate. It looked pretty close to this, but a bit more translucent if I remember correctly. (Thanks again, Google Images)


In short, she freaked out, ran to the bathroom and vomited. I was thoroughly amused and couldn’t stop laughing. And, I graciously accepted the waitresses offer of not paying for our meal, which included my VERY DEAD cow steak.

So, if you’re ever in Brooklyn I would suggest you try Stone Park Cafe. Overall, the food was good and they have other interesting things on their menu. But if you choose the oysters, and a great white shark just happens to jump out from under them and bites your lips and right cheek off, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Stone Park Cafe on Urbanspoon

Introducing Sriracha candy canes, just in time for the holiday season

Would you try these spicy candy canes? (J&D Foods)

Sriracha candy canes have just been released for the holiday season by J&D Foods, the Seattle-based company known for baconnaise, sriracha popcorn and bacon soda. And why stop there? The company also just released a new bacon deodorant.

The Canadian-made sriracha candy canes, available here and in the United States, are meant to entice those with a hankering for hot and sweet flavour combinations. While they look like traditional candy canes, they have a fiery kick reminiscent of the Asian chili sauce.

“There’s a reason Santa comes down your chimney – he likes it hot!” reads the J&D Foods website.

The company suggests crushing the candy canes up, then serving them over ice cream or using them as a spicy-sweet holiday cocktail stirrer.

A box of 12 candy canes costs $8.38 CDN, and at a mere 60 calories per cane, they may be the least fattening holiday treat to reach your lips (err…hips).

But if these unusual candy canes don’t tickle your fancy, you can always consider bacon deodorant as a stocking stuffer.

Too weird on its own? Fear not, for the company has a line of other bacon-scented personal care products, like bacon shaving cream, bacon lip balm, and bacon sunscreen.

Article credit to Shereen Dindar, original post found here: 

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Hell’s Cracklins

Hello everyone, my name is Kidfresh and I’m here on a guest review for Forkin’ Foodie. Why was I selected to make this guest review out of the numerous non-Canadians Joanne knows?

Well, the answer is right here:

I was foolish enough to post this photo on my facebook page because, well, it’s an abomination straight from Hell. But then sweet little Joanne asked me to ingest this labratory experiment and forward my medical records to Forkin’ Foodie.

So, here it goes.

As you can see, I purchased both “flavors” of Lowrey’s Microwave Pork Rinds. Those “flavors” would be:



And Hot and Spicy:


In reality, the flavors are salt and saltier, but we’ll get into that in a minute.

I was quite surprised to find out that the sodium content was indeed fairly low in comparison to what I was tasting. At 310 mg per serving, this package has less than 1 gram of sodium, which I totally don’t believe. But I digress.

The package looks just like microwave popcorn, but there are some noticeable variations in the instructions.


First of all, you are instructed to “shake the bag 5-6 times to spread the pork rinds around the bag evenly”. My guess is that if you don’t, the clumped up rinds will heat into one whole wild boar and attack you once you open the package. With this in mind, I shook the bag rigorously. So much so in fact, that I heard some of the rind pieces fly from the bag and hit the floor. But curiously, I never found them.


The other instruction that was a departure from the common microwave popcorn was the insistence to “WATCH”  the bag. “Do NOT leave unattended”. Why? Because “the product does not pop”. In fact, “the bag may not expand like popcorn”. Sounded like an ambush to me. I proceeded with caution.

I placed the bag in the microwave on HIGH for 90 seconds. At the one minute mark, it started to smell like Cup O’ Noodles Soup. That didn’t make me feel any safer than the anticipation of the wild boar. The bag did in fact expand, but there was no popping. Instead, I started to hear the cracklin of dem pork cracklins.

When the 90 seconds were done, I pulled the bag out of the oven and opened it up. To my surprise not only was I not mauled or mutilated, but there seemed to normal pork rinds in the bag.


They still looked normal on the plate:

And to my recollection, they tasted normal. And by normal, I mean salty as hell. I haven’t chomped on dese here pork cracklins for over a decade and a half, easily. But they seem to be what I remembered. Crunchy and salty, and just screaming with country fried death.

When I picked up the bag of the Hot and Spicy rinds, I noticed that the bag was really flat. Way too flat to hold the “original” cracklins that were on my plate. So I decided to shake a few out to see what they looked like, pre-atomic blast.

And this is what they looked like:

I don’t deep fry hogs on a regular basis, so I was surprised to see that these little bits of Satan’s meat turn into these ribbons of rinds. Uneasiness crept into my bones once more. But I popped the Hot and Spicy back into the microwave for another 90 seconds and WALLAH!

As you can see, that red tinge is the color of “saltier”. There wasn’t much spice, but a whole lot more salt. I only had 2 or 3 cracklins. That was mainly because I didn’t think I would be able to get the action shot of my heart exploding out of my chest with hypertension if I ate any more than that.

The bottom line is this. If you like pork rinds, you will probably really like this because they not only taste like pork rinds, but you get the added pleasure of getting them hot and cracklin right out of the nuke box. And I do mean cracklin! These things are still cracklin as I write this sentence.

You guys enjoy. I”m calling F.E.M.A.

It’zZz a ForKin’ BOoze rEEveeewww, Eh? *hic*

Three of my favorite people came over today. My brother, his beautiful wife, and my mom.

They came over bearing gifts, one of them being a beer I’ve really been wanting to try:

Boxer’s Watermelon Beer

Yep.. Watermelon :)

What the can looks like:


What the ummm beer looks like:


Two~gulp review:

Ok. Honestly, I had visions that this beer would be lightly hinted at a sweet, crisp, watermelon flavor mixed with a light beer taste.  Sadly, it simply wasn’t even Forkin’ close. Hear me whisper??? Not even close.

Instead, I was assaulted with a sickly sweet, pink, cough syrupy taste… One of those gross artificial watermelon flavors that they would use in cough syrup, and that would cover any hint of a beer memory (and it did).

Just gross.

Like a really gross, lame Cooler made with weak tasting beer.

Don’t bother.


You are looking to get utterly shitfaced/pie-eyed/frunk, on a pink colored beer, (and you will), because the alcohol content is 8.45%. YES… look AGAIN at the photo! 8.45%!!! Shotgun one of those bullets like a teenager at a bush party, and you’ll be feeling no pain in no time.

Someone should tell  Lil’ Wayne I found a less judgemental alternative to his “Purple drank/Sizzurp”.

Based purely on alcohol content alone, I give Boxer Watermelon Beer