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SPRING = cleaning, eating, shaving.

AAaaaahhhh SPRING! Ya gotta love it!!

Time to open the windows, shake out the rugs, and start to spring clean the home.

This is also the time when we start thinking about bikini weather. Ok…….  SOME of us think about bikini weather….. I think about shorter sleeves and shaving my legs for capris.

Those who are thinking bikini’s might want to think about eating some lighter fare. Luckily for them, Lexi’s Clean Kitchen features 5 AWESOME salad recipes to help you fit into that yellow polka-dot number.

For me however, I’ll eat the salads simply because they look pretty damn tasty!

My favorite salad of the group I think is the Honey Lime Fruit Salad with Home made Cinnamon chips.  Sweet, juicy, healthy, cinnamony, crunchy,…… what more could you want? Yuuuuummm!!


(Photo courtesy of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen)


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