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Introducing Sriracha candy canes, just in time for the holiday season

Would you try these spicy candy canes? (J&D Foods)

Sriracha candy canes have just been released for the holiday season by J&D Foods, the Seattle-based company known for baconnaise, sriracha popcorn and bacon soda. And why stop there? The company also just released a new bacon deodorant.

The Canadian-made sriracha candy canes, available here and in the United States, are meant to entice those with a hankering for hot and sweet flavour combinations. While they look like traditional candy canes, they have a fiery kick reminiscent of the Asian chili sauce.

“There’s a reason Santa comes down your chimney – he likes it hot!” reads the J&D Foods website.

The company suggests crushing the candy canes up, then serving them over ice cream or using them as a spicy-sweet holiday cocktail stirrer.

A box of 12 candy canes costs $8.38 CDN, and at a mere 60 calories per cane, they may be the least fattening holiday treat to reach your lips (err…hips).

But if these unusual candy canes don’t tickle your fancy, you can always consider bacon deodorant as a stocking stuffer.

Too weird on its own? Fear not, for the company has a line of other bacon-scented personal care products, like bacon shaving cream, bacon lip balm, and bacon sunscreen.

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