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Deliciousness Beside the Peep Show

Double Greeting Wonton House
10212 96 St NW,
Edmonton, AB

A group of girls decided to get our lunch on and head down to sketchytown for some authentic chinese cuisine. This little dive joint has been around FOREVER, and is the greasy spoon of chinese food. Conveniently or not, depending on who’s got their freak on, it’s located about a block away from a cheap, seedy peep show spot…. or, you can head the other direction down the street and go to the “tavern” as long as one leaves their knife at the door.

Walking in, the bathrooms are right by the door so you get smacked up the side of the head with the stank of bathroom freshener. The ATM machine is conveniently located right by the washrooms as well, so there’s no getting away from the chemical flower fumes.  Nice right? Ask no questions, and just head to a table.

We were served promptly with tea and menus. The kind of menus that read like an encyclopedia – 300 items on that damn thing.


Everything is pretty much described in english so you know what you’re ordering……………. except:


Check out number’s 250 and 251. Uh huh. Raised my eyebrow too.

Apparently, it’s stomach. Not tripe, but stomach.

One of my friends quietly, innocently and sincerely asked,….. “human?”

After pretty much peeing my pants at her naive foodie-ness, and well, naive-ness in general, we ordered.

Dish by dish, here we go:


Wor Wonton Soup.

This broth will make you wanna do unmentionable things to the bowl it comes in, trust me. Fish balls, bbq pork, greens, mushrooms,
shrimp, chicken, wontons, etc.

Excellence in a bowl, hands down………



DELI HAM in wor wonton soup???  WTH,…. really?  Ok, so honestly, the soup is SO freakin good, I can
get past the bits of spam and pick them out of my soup.  I honestly wanted to just put it on my finger and flick it across the room
and pretend it didn’t happen.

Next dish:

Long Donut with Rice Roll.

Just as it sounds. Savory donut, wrapped in a rice noodle with sauce on it. My mom, who came with us, put a piece in her mouth,
smiled and literally did jazz hands.
JAZZ HANDS, people.



Bits of beef brisket cooked slow and tender in this yummy rich five spice type gravy that had a prominent but at the same time, subtle, anise flavor.
Sounds disgusting, but ohhh no friends and neighbors, not this time. It was incredible!


Beef Chow Fan with Bean Sprouts.

Unanimously, (not counting me), the most loved dish at the table.
Flat wide noodles with tender slices of beef in a sauce that has a smoky flavor to it.
It will ROCK your world and leave you wanting a cigarette afterwards.
Trust me.


Some strange chicken and tofu dish

Ok. Chicken and tofu wrapped in a wrapper and deep-fried with a spicy …. black bean sauce?
It was the weirdo at the dance. No one really wanted to try it,
and when they did, they thought it was an odd combo. A bit too spicy if there was too much sauce on a piece,
and the texture was kinda chewy and spongy. Yeah, go figure.

Last dish:


Crispy Pork Chop with Spiced Salt.

I wanted to take this dish and hide under the table. Empty it into my purse and let no one take it from me.
It wasn’t the fave with the group,but it sooo was with me… ohhhh sweet mercy.
I never knew pork could taste that good. Salty, a little spicy, crunchy, seasoned little darlings.

Don’t go to this place expecting great service or wonderful decor.
Don’t expect the wait staff to be talkative and service orientated.
DO have a “club” on your steering wheel if you value your ride and are that paranoid.
It’s a cheap, authentic, get-your-grub-on type of place.

Fill your face.
Save your quarters for the tits and ass next door if that’s your thing.
Hey… I’m only here to judge the food.

I give Double Greeting Wonton House:



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  1. For Chinese food it is the best place in the world… fantastic flavors in all the dishes
    Great lunch would go back in a heart beat…..


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