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It’zZz a ForKin’ BOoze rEEveeewww, Eh? *hic*

Three of my favorite people came over today. My brother, his beautiful wife, and my mom.

They came over bearing gifts, one of them being a beer I’ve really been wanting to try:

Boxer’s Watermelon Beer

Yep.. Watermelon :)

What the can looks like:


What the ummm beer looks like:


Two~gulp review:

Ok. Honestly, I had visions that this beer would be lightly hinted at a sweet, crisp, watermelon flavor mixed with a light beer taste.  Sadly, it simply wasn’t even Forkin’ close. Hear me whisper??? Not even close.

Instead, I was assaulted with a sickly sweet, pink, cough syrupy taste… One of those gross artificial watermelon flavors that they would use in cough syrup, and that would cover any hint of a beer memory (and it did).

Just gross.

Like a really gross, lame Cooler made with weak tasting beer.

Don’t bother.


You are looking to get utterly shitfaced/pie-eyed/frunk, on a pink colored beer, (and you will), because the alcohol content is 8.45%. YES… look AGAIN at the photo! 8.45%!!! Shotgun one of those bullets like a teenager at a bush party, and you’ll be feeling no pain in no time.

Someone should tell  Lil’ Wayne I found a less judgemental alternative to his “Purple drank/Sizzurp”.

Based purely on alcohol content alone, I give Boxer Watermelon Beer


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  1. First of all as a Brooklyn-ite, I can tell you to never expect anything in a can to taste like actual watermelon, grape, or strawberry. It’s a scam perpetrated by “THE MAN”. Secondly, NEVER trust anything that says “flavored strong beer”. I don’t think that is grammatically correct, let alone safe to drink.

    Now if your wife done left you. Or you are on a sex drought for over 4 months. Or you are about to head over to Syria. Then by all means grab a six-pack of this shit and go to town.




    It SHOULDN’T be grammatically correct.


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