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Rick and Alice’s Grill

Rick and Alice’s Grill.

7106 109 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6G

A Grill, in my mind, has a cool vintage diner type feel, red and chrome, black and white checks, a long counter and booths. I conjure up waitresses like “Flo”- the pink uniformed, blonde buffonted and gum chewing broad, telling Al to “kiss her grits”. Somehow though, with its dowdy pastel-ish 80’s decor, non-diner like tables, Rick and Alice’s Grill really doesn’t fit that bill, however, it mainly attracts the “haven’t-gone-to-bed-need-afterparty-grub” and the “Just-left-church-need-afterconfessional-grub” crowds that might frequent a diner type joint.

I’ve been here three times. The first two times, it was between the times of noon and three, and when I walked in, they were vacuuming.

Yep… vacuuming. BOTH TIMES. Vacuuming the old, old, oh, did I mention OLD, short pile carpet, appetizingly beside the tables, even while people were dining. All I could imagine were the little particles of dust, crap and french fry bits being sparkled up into the afternoon sunbeams shining through the windows, coming to rest atop the tables and silverware.


Today was slightly different. Sans vacuum, we were greeted by someone who I’ll assume is Alice (an extremely nice asian woman) who quickly and efficiently directed us to a table by the windows, which I really appreciated. I like sitting by windows. She brought us menu’s and my companion and myself ordered water to drink while we checked out the fare offered. When the water arrived at the table, I thought it was kinda cool to see a little slice of lemon in the water. I literally mean LITTLE, like, a quarter of a measly slice of damn lemon, but it was still a nice touch that you don’t see anywhere else anymore.



So besides the menu looking like a ransom note, most items offered are comfort food geared,  breakfast and some basic lunch dishes. Salads, burgers, sandwiches, pasta and some stir fries. For the most part, I think it’s a decent menu but on a side note, if you don’t eat meat, you might be a bit limited here as it seems that almost every entree includes something that once had eyes.  Pricing is standard, however, one little item pretty much stunned me with a “WTF” bitchslap. Check this shit out:


Uh yeah.

Over SEVEN dollars for a SIDE of sweet potato fries.

PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE Alice, come the hell on here. What do you do to the fries that are so special to warrant arms and legs for a sweet starchy fry? Ok, so maybe I’m a cheap ass chick (ok,…. not maybe,… I AM), but wholly crap, that price is simply crazy talk.

Anyway, onto the meal. I ordered the Bacon, Cheese and Mushroom Burger with a side of fries. Service was pretty quick, so can’t complain about that. Here’s the cheesy PHONE photo, as I didn’t have my REAL camera with me.


I forgot to tell them NO ONION. Fresh onion has no place in this chick’s mouth as I will taste it till next tuesday, and nobody has time for that.

Here’s a second photo:



After removing the very fresh, but (as my Mom would call it) ‘OFFENSIVE’ onion, I put the burger together, cut it in half, and took a bite.

First impressions….. not bad.

Good things about the burger are these:

– Pure, house made patty (no binder laden, half- cow- half- unpronounceable ingredients) .. I hope, anyway.
-REAL cheese, all melty and gooey on top like the burger gods said it shall be.
-Toasted bun.(mine was a bit tooooo toasty, but that’s ok. Adds character.)

Shitty things about the burger:

– Pure house made patty (no binder it seems of ANY sort; maybe not even an egg?), so it crumbles and doesn’t want to hold together.

-Remember I said it was a MUSHROOM burger as well? Yeah, la fungi was pretty much non existant. In fact, the one or two that were embedded in the melted cheese made it seem like they were an afterthought or accidentally dropped on it.

-The bacon was one strip that laid across, and hung over the sides of the burger. Why not cut that thing in half so both sides have some bacon-y goodness? Why MUST I do everything myself??? Sigh.

– Too much relish

As I ate it, I ended up taking the top bun off eating the damn burger with a fork and knife because it just wouldn’t stay together. The taste was pretty nice though. You could taste the beef, bacon and cheese as it should be, but no mushrooms as they missed the bus to the party. The lettuce, tomato and toasty part of the bun added a nice crunch and freshness that made the burger that much better. If they could figure out how to make the whole burger stay together while you eat it like a REAL burger, then it would be pretty close to being kickass.

The fries? I’m not even going to talk about them because well, they were just not memorable. In fact, I’ve forgotten about them already. What was I talking about again?

So, because of the quick, warm and friendly service, nice lemony touch, a tasty but alas, crumbly burger, and a weird vacuum dust-up, I give Rick and Alice’s Grill:



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  1. You know, seeing that you had two previous experiences with them vacuuming while you ate, you should have brought some lint balls and hair with you to put into your disjointed burger. That way you would have gotten half off of a meal that garnered 5/10.


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