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The Inaugural Foray – Why not Breakfast?

 The most important meal of the day, they say.  How do you start yours?
Bacon and eggs?
Tea and toast?
Cereal and milk?
Rum and coke?

Well no worries dear friends, because the frozen food isle at the store has your back. Quick, easy and tasty ~ 2 minutes to get your day started RIGHT!

So here we go, the first entry in the series of Forkin’ Foodie’s Foray into Frozen Foods! ( Hm.. name’s still not growing on me yet, even in bold )

I thought I’d start off with the first meal of the day, breakfast. Now, if you’re trying to watch the whole, ‘calories in, calories out’ thing, I did you a favor and chose something of a lighter fare. See how I keep you guys in mind with my decisions?!

(It had nothing at all to do with the fact it comes with syrup.)

#1 – Smart Ones (Weight Watchers), Morning Express ~ Pancakes with Turkey Sausage, served with a side of syrup. (It wasn’t because of the syrup).  So, here’s the box :


The Goods: 250 Calories, (7 points to the faithful WW followers), 6grams Fat, 40 grams Carb, 11 grams Protein. OH.. and because typically, frozen food entree’s are a salt company’s wet dream, I will be also including the sodium content. So this little baby contains 420mg, which is 18% of your daily amount of sodium.

Food Tray Photo Op:


Heating Instructions: Pierce plastic above sausages, heat in microwave for 1 minute, 10 seconds.

Plated Meal:



So lets talk first about the turkey sausage. Besides the fact that they looked almost exactly like my mom’s wiener dogs’ lawn bombs, they had a weird, almost soggy type texture on the outside, yet also a chewy type texture overall. If I closed my eyes, I’d have no idea what I was eating, really. They tasted like…. “meat”, for a lack of better word, but weren’t very “sausagey” tasting, and the seasoning was VERY mild. They weren’t horrible but they don’t taste like typical breakfast sausage to me. A friendly side of mustard could make these wallflowers get up and party a bit. Kinda.


Onto the pancakes. Side note, are flapjacks the same thing? Anyway, when I swirled the syrup packet onto them (about 1 tablespoon worth. Sigh.), the flavor of the cakes was quite nice. Sweet and somewhat cakey type texture – not light and fluffy like they look on the package. The syrup is soaked up IN A DAMN FLASH, so it can make them a tad dry. Overall, there was a nice syrup taste with an undertone of earthy cakeyness, due to STUPID whole wheat flour they put in them to make them more STUPID healthy.

That being said, I think they’d be an OK meal when you’re craving pancakes. Look the other way on the sausage tho, I really don’t think the calories are worth it. Maybe sub in some nice lean CANADIAN bacon, or even a side of scrambled eggs. But I guess if your scrambling eggs and making back bacon, you might as well make the damn pancakes too.

I’ll give Smart Ones Pancake and Sausage Breakfast Entree:



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  1. I think 6/10 is kinda high for sausages that “kinda” taste like meat, and pancakes that soaked up liquids like Bounty. lol But then again, I hear you are a Canadian and you guys are always super nice, so it makes sense. Good shots of the food BTW. You wouldn’t happen to be one of them legendary, sexy food photographers would you? ;-)

    • Well, yes, I AM CANADIAN, and yes, we tend to be on the nicer side. Gimme a few posts to sharpen the ole bitch chops and you might see something more to your liking. Oh…… and sexy food photographer? Why, yes, in fact I am.

      Legendary? I don’t like to toot my own horn……. :)

  2. Good read. Thanks
    I’m following you now. ;-)


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