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And So It Begins…..

I’ve wanted to start a blog like this for a while now (just ask my oh~so~tired~of~listening~to~it friend; aka Therealness Ross,….. and btw, thank you for listening till your ears bled babe!).

So I finally got off my ass and got my shit together to start this thing. My friends and I….. uhhhh .. yeah, I have friends *eyeroll*….. Sigh. Anywayyyyyy, we enjoy trying different cuisines and restaurants, so I thought, hmmmm…. I LOVE embarrassing the crap out of my friends when I take out my camera to shoot the food (yes, I’m one of THOSE), so why not do something useful with the photos?

Thus springs forth the magical spin of my incredible wit and stunning intellect, along with stunningly beautiful food photography, all combined to become this freakishly wonderful blog. (oh, and Facebook page as well. PLEASE, be a good person and do a good deed, go there and LIKE my page!).

I’m not gonna be a hero and promise to post something every day or even every week for that matter. I’ll post when I have something to talk about, but I hope that you choose to follow me so you don’t miss out on the mind blowing posts that they are…. or maybe they’ll just blow, but regardless, you won’t know unless you follow me, right?

*wink wink* **cheesy finger gun**…….. sigh.

Nevermind, just follow me!

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